PRA - Senior Manager

I had Michael come in to deliver a workshop for my team. I gave him a brief of wanting an innovative and motivating workshop that was based around the topic on how we become a 'super-team' 

He delivered and my team are still following through with what they learned


FCA - Senior Associate

I had Michael as  my Coach for 18 months whilst going through a difficult time at work, He helped build up my confidence and a instilled self belief I never had before 


BUPA - Lawyer

Michael helped me get over the finishing line in my final year of finally qualifying as a lawyer which I had stop started for over a period of 4 years.

My only regret is I didn't have him at the start of my qualification as I would of  qualified much sooner .


Prudential - Risk Analyst 

Michael was my coach for a period of 12 months, I was moving roles and needed guidance, structure and positive reinforcement.


Rad Magazine - Managing Director 

Michael came in to deliver a 2 day

workshop. I have a small team and I wanted him to help  create a new vibrant and improved working culture as well as setting a new set of values for us all to be accountable to.  


Hammersmith Council - HR

I worked with Michael to try and get a better work/life balance. Over the 12 months I worked with Michael he put some thing in place that I apply now and gives me the balance and happiness I need