Leaders are made not born



About Us

Made Leaders is set up to make a difference to business life, business performance and the business world through the development of people.

Our intention is to work with leaders, directors and senior executives to develop excellence in leadership and management practices – to have our work make a difference and for it to contribute to outstanding business results.

What matters to us above all, was that as a result of our work with our clients we delivered authentic, positive and significant improvements to them as a person and to their performance at work.

We have a team of top experienced Coaches, all have had credible, successful careers in their chosen professions and have an in-depth knowledge of business practices.

Our team of coaches combine their rich and varied experience together with their deep expertise in coaching to every coaching relationship.

Like any successful team, we are constantly seeking out the new, the talented and the very best coaches so

Made Leaders are always at the top of their league.



Executive Coaching

Do you want to feel more self-assured, lead with confidence, inspire those around you, show empathy and be more supportive having difficult conversations?

These are just some of the qualities you will gain and improve on the Made Leaders Executive Coaching Program.

Our executive coaching program is aimed at leaders, directors, or senior managers.  Individuals will be guided through a process of discovery, goal setting, and strategic actions that will enable them to achieve their futures goals while being supported, encouraged, and stretched throughout that journey. 

Each program is tailored to the needs of the individual with a focus on developing personal skills — the skills needed to drive change, manage complex situations, build top-performing teams, and maintain a strong personal foundation to thrive under the most challenging conditions.

The Made Leaders Executive Coaching Program is a professional relationship that helps its clients produce extraordinary results in their lives, careers and organisations. Clients will deepen their learning, improve their performance, and enhance their quality of life.

For more information or to start your journey, please get in contact here

Leaders are made, not born! – Michael Duberry




PRA - Senior Manager

I had Michael come in to deliver a workshop for my team. I gave him a brief of wanting an innovative and motivating workshop that was based around the topic on how we become a 'super-team' 

He delivered and my team are still following through with what they learned


FCA - Senior Associate

I had Michael as  my Coach for 18 months whilst going through a difficult time at work, He helped build up my confidence and a instilled self belief I never had before 


BUPA - Lawyer

Michael helped me get over the finishing line in my final year of finally qualifying as a lawyer which I had stop started for over a period of 4 years.

My only regret is I didn't have him at the start of my qualification as I would of  qualified much sooner .


Prudential - Risk Analyst 

Michael was my coach for a period of 12 months, I was moving roles and needed guidance, structure and positive reinforcement.


Rad Magazine - Managing Director 

Michael came in to deliver a 2 day

workshop. I have a small team and I wanted him to help  create a new vibrant and improved working culture as well as setting a new set of values for us all to be accountable to.  


Hammersmith Council - HR

I worked with Michael to try and get a better work/life balance. Over the 12 months I worked with Michael he put some thing in place that I apply now and gives me the balance and happiness I need



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