The MISSION at Made Leaders Next Generation CIC is to provide benefit to everyone in our community as we believe that everyone in our community should have the access and the opportunity to reach their goals or realise their potential.


And by ‘community’ we mean so our community is ‘young people’, which mean all the Next Generation CIC efforts and activities will be carried out in the interest to provide benefit to the young people in and around the UK.


Young people that are of any gender, any race or religion, in or out of education, from all different backgrounds or environments.


Young people that are excelling, that are talented, skilled, ambitious, that are with or without direction, that have dreams and aspirations or that are maybe lost.


Different young people have different needs and therefore require different help and support, that is what we provide and do.


Our aim is help encourage or change the mindset, attitude, and approach to everything young people do regarding their current situation and their future


We do this by developing their skills and principals to help give young people some clarity on their future choices and direction


Also, by giving the young people the tools, valuable knowledge and key learning that will benefit them immensely and prepare them for their journey.