We at Made Leaders Next Generation CIC have a strong VISION for the impact we aim to have on young people, resulting in the development of highly motivated, determined, and inspired Next Generation leaders and individuals.


We believe one of the biggest and most powerful effects will be on young people’s thinking and mindset with a better understanding of themselves, their decision making, and subsequent effects, comes improved behaviour, self-belief, and achievement!

 We will do this in many ways depending on the individual or group's wants and needs. We will create innovative projects, deliver tailored programs, unique workshops, one-to-one coaching, team coaching, and mentoring.

These are all ways that we will use to make a positive impact on the young people we meet.

 So, the vision is for Next Generation CIC to be forever supporting young people, inspiring young people, developing young people, and empowering young people to be the best they can be… and to always strive for more.